Wood  Vanities...

1.  Stained Cherry

Raised Panel Inset

Linen Tower with Soffit

2. Bumped out Drawers with 4 Columns & feet

3.  46" Dark Stain, Inset,  Applied Molding Doors.

4. Modern Dark Vanity Full Overlay 

5. Modern Floating Vanity with Vessel Sinks

6. Furniture Style with curved detail on top.

7. Light Stained Cherry. Furniture style bottom.

13. Vanity with make up area & Matching Mirrors

9. Ribbon Mahogany

Natural Finish. Inset


10. Traditional Overlay  & Jacuzzi Panels

11. Walnut Vanity

Full Overlay with

flat top drawers.

12. Black Ebony Stained Cherry Vanity.

14. Rustic Vanity

with Open Shelves 

15. Vanity Feet with Reeded Columns


16. Maple Veneer Vanity

17. Modern Black Walnut Vertical Grain Veneer 


19. A Handicap Accessible Vanity. 

Sink with a recessed panel and a

Roll out Laundry basket fits in Linen.

18. Stained Cherry, Linen Cabinet & Tub Panels

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Painted  Vanities...

20. 50" Full Overlay

All Drawers Framed.


21. Shelves on one side. Furniture style bottom.

22. Traditional Inset

Tall sink doors, 

Decorative Feet.

23.  Vanity with a Soffit Connecting

2 Towers.

24. Side Panels View.

25. Beaded Inset, Small Applied-Bead Door style

31. Molding Detail

Click for full-view

27. 4ft Vanity with Towers on Counter. Inset Style & feet.

28. Off-Center Sink Vanity.  Inset with Flat top drawers

35. Laundry pull-out unit on left.

30. Fancy Vanity with Columns, Arches, Applied Molding Door style & Glaze

26. BM Nightingale 

7ft with 9 Drawers 

click for full-view



34. BM Anchor Gray 

24" Vanity with 1 Drawer Under.

Full Overlay.

33. 28" Vanity with 1 Drawer Under. Inset.

29. Bumped out Sink Angled & Fluting.

32.   36" Vanity 

 Bottom Molding Details & feet. False drawer front too.

36. A Tight Fit?

No problem.

37. Modern Flat Doors with open shelf under sinks.

38.  Linen Cabinet, Fancy Beaded Inset, Side Panels & Glaze.

39. Beadboard Style Vanity with  Make up Area. Inset.


38. Linen Cabinet Glazed


8. Fir Small Vanity.

Framed Side panel, Furniture Style, Inset.


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