or  Pre-Finished  Maple, Frameless Style


Square Closet, 3 Walls of Cabinetry

Fully Custom Made ~ Closet Cabinetry Means,

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Painted  Closets...

4. Storage under a Dormer

3. Armoire Back:

Shoe Shelves

 Armoires  Built-in with Shelves & Mirror Doors.

2.  Side View:

Jewelry Drawers


1. A  Three-Sided Armoire: 

View from Bedroom.


Furniture Grade - Closets

Bedroom Armoire

Long Narrow Closet



After: Front & Right Wall

After: Front & Left Wall

Bedroom Built-ins

A Three-Sided Armoire 

Handcrafted, Fully-Custom Cabinetry 

Handcrafted, Fully-Custom Cabinetry   978.840.0100

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