In 1983 Bolton MA Cabinet Maker, Bob Taylor began sweeping floors for a cabinet maker part-time during college. During that time, he began to learn the trade and realized that this was a rewarding craft that he had a natural talent for. As the years went by Bob developed more and more skills and was enticed to continue the journey on his own. That was when Taylor Made Cabinets was established.


Taylor Made Cabinets was established in 1989 out of Holliston, MA. Bob began his company by himself, with 2 contractors keeping him very busy. By working 80-100 hours a week, Bob dedicated himself to his business and earned a reputation as a hard working, detail-oriented, perfectionist who worked well with people and faithfully met his kitchen deadlines. Although the business has grown over time, Bob along with his talented crew, is still completely involved with the whole building process.


When you work with Taylor Made Cabinets you can feel confident because unlike many larger companies, the owner actually works on your cabinetry himself. When you ask for an estimate, you can expect to get a price almost immediately. Being the builder and designer means having the knowledge to make a design work. Here at Taylor Made Cabinets, we will provide that service to you at no additional charge. We will develop a design that works most effectively in function and a style that will enhance the beauty of your home.


We take pride in our ability to create any style cabinet, door or finish you so desire. Every kitchen and bath is individually customized and handcrafted with the highest quality materials. From elaborate projects to the simplest of requests you can count on receiving a beautiful high quality kitchen that will last you a lifetime.









Bolton Ma - Working with You and Your Clients

When you work with Taylor Made Cabinets you are working directly with the owner. You can depend on his time-tested professionalism; the ability to create beautiful woodworking is one thing, finishing the job on time is another. With us, it has never been an issue. We get the job done right the first time and on time. Choosing us as your preferred custom cabinet and woodworking contractor means that your clients can relax because master craftsman Robert Taylor has been one of the best in the business for over 27 years. He has a meticulous eye for detail and a reputation for working well with clients & builders. From design, to construction and customer service you can depend on Taylor Made Cabinets to bring a high standard of quality and beauty to your client's home.     

Each kitchen is individually custom made  to suit not only your clients' needs, but their dreams as well. Your reputation is safe, because you're clients are getting much more than function, they are getting the kind of beauty that sets their home apart.



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Taylor Made Cabinets - Handcrafted Custom Cabinet Maker - Serving Bolton MA

Taylor Made Cabinets- Custom Cabinet Maker - Handcrafted Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Serving Bolton MA

Custom Mahogany Cabinets - Bolton MA

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5. Deck House Kitchen, Grey & Black Walnut  - Lincoln, MA

1. African Ribbon Mahogany Kitchen with Stainless Steel Doors - Newton,MA

2. Sapele Mahogany Veneer Kitchen, Contemporary Slab Doors - Carlisle, MA

4. Ribbon Mahogany Veneer, European Frameless - Southborough, MA

Veneer Custom Kitchen Cabinets - Bolton MA

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Custom Maple and Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Bolton MA
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