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Door Styles Gallery...

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1. Applied Molding
Door Styles​

2. Shaker and Router

Door Styles

7. Plain Inset.

Applied Molding Door

with Small bead.

12. Plain Inset Cabinet.

Large Applied Molding Door style.

Green Glaze.

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10. Beadboard Door,

Plain Inset.

9. Plain Inset..

Square Applied Molding on Shaker.

19. Painted Espresso Bean, & Lightly Distressed.

Raised Panel, Beaded Inset, Flat Top Drawer.

18. Raised Panel with Curved Panel Cut.

Beaded Inset Cabinet.

Flat Top Drawer.

20. Raised Panel with Fancy Moldings, Lightly Glazed and Beaded Inset

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29. Painted & Glazed,

 Raised Panel with Router Detail, and Beaded Inset.

11. Full Overlay Style with Large Applied Molding Door style

8. Beaded Inset.

Applied Molding Door

with Small bead.

22. Black Walnut Shaker Door, 2 1/2" Frame.

Any Size of your choice.

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16. Flat Top Drawers

with Full Overlay look.

30. Painted & Glazed, Raised Panel with Applied Molding, and Beaded Inset.

23. Natural Cherry,

True Raise Panel, Plain Inset Cabinet.

24. Red Birch, Raised

Panel Fancy Router Detail, Traditional Overlay with outside detail on doors.

17. Stained Cherry,

Plain Inset, Shaker with Square Molding Door Style, Flat Top Drawers.

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21. Large Applied

Molding Door style,

Beaded Inset Cabinet, Stained Cherry,

Framed Top Drawers.

15. Beadboard Doors

Plain Inset,

Stained Cherry.

25. Natural Maple, Raised Panel

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14. Square Shaker Doors, Overlay, Natural Cherry,

new, not aged. 

13. Shaker with Small Applied Bead,

Full Overlay Cabinet.

Natural Cherry, aged.

27. "True" Raised Panel, Straight cut, Stained Cherry.

28. Raised Panel, Straight Cut with Double Bead molding. Stained Cherry.

31. Walnut Veneer

Flat Slab Doors & Drawers, Full Overlay.

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26. African Ribbon Mahogany True Raised Panel: Straight cut

33. Maple Veneer,

Flat Slab Doors & False Drawer, Full Overlay.

32. Ribbon Mahogany Veneer,  Flat Slab Doors & Drawers,

Full Overlay.

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Glass Doors...

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4. Full Overlay with 

"Simple Router" Shaker.

1. Double Row of Upper Cabinets with Glass/Mullions

2. Cabinet is Bumped out Glass Doors with Grills

3. Prairie Style Grills

4. Grills are only on top section

5. Arched Top Design

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6. Square Shaker grills

7. Glass Shelves

for puck lights.

8. Rounded grills

9. Cabinet Side with Glass Panels.

10. Hammered Glass

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11. Opague Glass

12. This Glass is actually Painted on the inside to match the tile.

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13. Stainless Steel Glass Doors.

14. Prairie Style Grills

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3. Full Overlay with

"Square Shaker". 

 All drawers framed.

6. Cove Router Detail

on Cherry


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34. Double Panel

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5. Step Bead

Router Detail


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35. Quarter sawn Oak

Beaded Inset, Beaded Panel

Door Style Frames are built as narrow or as wide as you prefer. 

Available in All Wood Species & Colors.

Handcrafted, Fully-Custom Cabinetry 

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