Full Overlay Vs. Inset Style


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Beaded Inset

The Cabinet Opening has a decorative bead on it. It is NOT part of the door, it is part of the cabinet.

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Plain Inset

The Cabinet Opening is plain and simple. In both cases, the door is made to fit perfectly inside the opening of the cabinet.



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Face Frame Construction vs. European Frameless

Face Frame

A 1.25" wide "Face" is added to the front box of the cabinet. It is commonly used with the Inset Style design and also adds structure to the cabinet.

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European Frameless

3/4" plywood box construction with a painted or veneer front edge - No Face frame.   It is commonly used for a Full Overlay design but we choose to use a  small Face frames for our Full Overlay Cabinets.



Face Frame with Inset Doors. - Doors sit flush inside the cabinet opening.  It's a traditional style and the craftsmanship is appreciated by the people who choose this style.  

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Full Overlay Style:  The Doors Cover the whole Front of the Cabinet - Giving a Modern and Clean Line look.  



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